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Husky Teardrop Uprights - The Invincible® Teardrop Rack

The Invincible Teardrop Rack by Husky Rack & Wire combines Husky's eye for quality with one of the most accessible types of teardrop pallet racking. Adjustable pallet rack uprights from the Invincible system feature two teardrop punches spaced every two inches — the most common type of beam attachment in the industry. Use Invincible rack uprights with industry-standard parts or combine it with other pieces from the Invincible shelving system. No need to worry about finding a product that will fit the upright. Instead, you can focus on what will serve you the best.

The Applications of Invincible Teardrop Uprights

Husky's Invincible teardrop uprights can be used in place of industry-standard uprights on their own or as part of a complete Invincible racking system. Customers who want to invest in a single part with high-quality materials can choose the Invincible model and combine it with more affordable industry-standard racking.

Teardrop shelving systems can serve a variety of industries, including:

  • Retail: Teardrop racking systems have the stability to hold items of many weights and sizes, and Husky's high-grade materials let them support an even higher capacity. Display heavy merchandise on the retail floor or securely store inventory in the back.
  • Food: Use Invincible uprights to support FDA-approved racking and store even the heaviest loads of food items. Keep restaurant ingredients uncontaminated or hold produced food products for transportation.
  • Warehousing: Combine the Invincible upright with a rack configured to make room for your warehouse's workflow. While certain designs suit handloading, others allow forklifts to take and deposit items.

Benefits of Invincible Uprights for Teardrop Racking Systems

Teardrop racking systems are a well-rounded and versatile storage solution for businesses in need of storage and organization. Invincible racking parts make them even better by enhancing benefits such as:

  • Flexibility: Since Invincible uprights fit most teardrop-style beams, you have a wide range of options to choose from when deciding on the rest of your storage system's structure. If you need to change the height of a certain shelf, simply move it to another slot.
  • Support: Teardrop assemblies already use gravity to hold shelves in place, but Invincible uprights have an additional safety clip that will not release until the beam is removed. High-strength steel lets the Invincible upright hold many tons of weight at once.
  • Safety: The teardrop design makes parts from any brand safer, and Husky's safety lock adds even more protection for your employees and products.
  • Ease of use: Invincible uprights work the same way as other teardrop uprights. Use minimal tools and equipment to slot shelving into the places you desire.

Why Choose T.P. Supply Co.?

A pallet racking system should fit the customer's needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution. We should know — we've been a small, family-owned business from the beginning, and a prepackaged kit doesn't always get the job done. Our product selection includes high-quality options that allow you to purchase a storage solution that grows with your business. Take a look at the sizes of Invincible uprights we offer and request a quote to get more information about pricing and shelving options.

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