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Buying New vs. Used Pallet Racking

Whether you’re expanding your warehouse, relocating to a new one or in need of a temporary storage solution, investing a pallet racking system is an important decision. Pallet racks are an integral component of any warehouse’s operation, and they can also be a significant financial investment — one that you want to get right. With […]

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Determining Pallet Rack Capacity

Pallet racks, or pallet racking systems, form the interior skeleton of most American warehouses. Racks make your pallet storage and retrieval simple and safe. That’s provided you’ve determined your pallet rack weight capacity and never exceed it. You’ve probably wondered how much weight you can put on pallet racking, and how storage rack capacity is […]

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Benefits of Wire Decking for Pallet Racks

Adding wire mesh decking to pallet racks increases the uses of the racking system. Wire decking provides a stronger, longer-lasting alternative to wood boards between beams. The mesh design also improves airflow, critical for storing temperature and moisture-sensitive products. See how pallet rack wire decking can transform a storage area for the better. What Is […]

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What Is a Drive-In Racking System?

Increasing the usable space in a warehouse starts with making better choices for shelving and racking. Not all solutions offer the same results. The increasing demand for more warehouse space due to the rise of e-commerce puts extra pressure on existing facilities to make the most of their available space. Drive-in pallet racking could provide […]

Maximizing Storage Space

Maximizing Vertical Warehouse Space

Warehouse managers are tasked with the important responsibility of continuous improvement to preserve and grow the company’s bottom line. Managers know there are lots of ways to make the company more profitable, whether that’s by investing in the right tools to increase worker productivity, streamlining processes to promote efficient picking, packing and loading or coming […]

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Teardrop vs. Double Slotted Pallet Racks

Most American warehouses have at least one thing in common — the need for selective pallet racking. Racks, as they’re commonly called, are indispensable pieces of material handling equipment. They capitalize on space, safely store a multitude of products and make workers’ jobs easy for retrieving materials and merchandise. But, not all racks have common […]