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Pallet Racks

Organizing your warehouse's inventory is critical for running an efficient business, as it will cut down on clutter and allow employees to find what they're looking for easily.

Pallet rack shelving is an excellent storage tool, and T.P. Supply Co. can be the company that provides it for you. We built ourselves up from small beginnings in Mount Airy, N.C., and we now supply industrial tools and storage options through the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Why Use Pallet Racking?

On top of aiding in inventory organization, industrial pallet racks can significantly help businesses that need more storage space. By maximizing the amount of inventory you can hold, you immediately start to benefit from a larger amount of possible transactions.

You'll also be able to avoid stacking pallets of merchandise on top of each other, a practice that can result in a host of different issues. First and foremost, it represents a danger to your employees, as it can make it more difficult for them to properly move and organize the pallets.

If an onsite injury occurs, not only will that person face possibly significant health issues, but you will likely be held responsible for it. The potential loss of an employee, an increase in insurance rates, a lawsuit and a loss of overall workforce morale are all consequences you can avoid with a proper racking system.

That will also make it easier for your workers to be more efficient, since racking systems make finding and transporting individual pallets quick and easy with the use of a forklift.

Improper pallet storage can also result in damaged goods. Losing inventory means losing money, as you're more likely to face a total loss of the product and short-term shortages. Maintaining reasonable overhead is an important task, so reducing risk is a smart move.

What Kinds of Pallet Racks Do We Offer?

Your business is important to you, and you want everything to function just so. That’s why we offer many different brands and styles of pallet shelving to choose from. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of pallet shelving will work best for you, we can help you figure it out.

From multinational corporations to smaller local businesses, we carry a host of different products that fit into three different conditions — new, used and reconditioned — to suit your ideal budget.

We offer our customers racks from many well-known brands, including Husky & Wire, Unarco Rack and Bulldog Rack. Some available options include:

  • Teardrop Racks: Not only are these easy to assemble — which helps to streamline installation — but their punched holes allow for adjustments, as well as the use of different parts and accessories from an assortment of manufacturers.
  • Keystone Racks: Named for the shape of the holes in the uprights, keystone racks are less common than they used to be but still highly effective and versatile. Due to their sturdy construction, these are ideal for companies that work with heavy materials and products.
  • Structural Racks: Constructed with structural steel bracing and thick posts, structural racks are built with durability in mind. Not only will they hold up countless pallets for the foreseeable future, but they'll also withstand forklift wear.
  • Double-Slotted Racks: Safely secure your beam connections with an angled, double-slotted design that can be adapted to fit other rack models. These are heavy and often more expensive than other models, but the quality is difficult to match.

We transport all of our merchandise with our own trucks, and we handle all installations in house. We believe in having 100-percent accountability, so you won't be disappointed by the services that we offer.

Choosing T.P. Supply Co. for Your Pallet Rack Needs

If you are looking for pallet shelving for your industrial business, look no further! At T.P. Supply Co, Inc. we have a large selection of pallet shelving for sale, along with a variety of different rack applications and accessories.

We understand finding the right product for your situation can be difficult, as the many different industrial pallet rack systems might not stand out from one another to the common eye. When you choose T.P. Supply Co, Inc., we'll carefully consider your circumstances to craft the ideal solution. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.