How it all started:

Troy L. Payne Jr. had a vision to start his own business by providing products and manufacturing supplies to other businesses within his community.  His very small hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina (AKA – Mayberry) was thriving due to an abundance of textile manufacturing plants. He knew his main focus of business should cater to their needs.  Mt. Airy was growing along with the companies themselves, and Troy hoped the demand for his services would be high.

In 1979, Troy Jr. took a chance and started T.P. Supply Company, Inc.  He began streamlining the process of supplying the necessary products and supplies to manufacturing businesses in and around the Mount Airy area who were previously purchasing products and supplies needed from multiple companies.  Business was really good until the NAFTA trade deal was made in ’94, but soon after that, one company after another started shutting their doors and moved their manufacturing facilities overseas.

Due to these economic changes in our area, Troy Payne Jr. understood he had to do something and do it quickly! He took a chance and rebranded the whole company, and the risk paid off!  T.P. Supply Company, Inc. was transformed into the business it is today; a nationwide distributor of Storage Products & Material Handling Equipment.

The company has grown at a steady rate each year and is still growing to date! We now employ anywhere from 35-40 employees at our facility in Mount Airy, NC and have customers all over the USA, Mexico & Canada.  T.P. Supply provides a vast array of storage rack, shelving solutions, and material handling products. We also offer installation services to our customers, performed by our own in-house team of installation pros! We value our customers and are confident in our ability to provide quality products & services.  We take a great deal of pride in our rate of 90% + for repeat business!

Just like our slogan:  “We’re not the biggest, just the BEST!

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