Warehouse Design Services

Warehouse Design Process


CAD warehouse design drawings


  1. Prospective customer communicates with a warehouse design expert. During this initial conversation, our warehouse design expert will gather information from the customer to help them understand the scope of work that will be required.  Customers will need to provide information such as drawings of the facility, etc.
  2. The customer and design expert will set a date for a future meeting either by phone or at the customer’s facility. This meeting will help our design expert create a proposed layout for the facility.
  3. Meeting will take place to discuss proposed layout.  If changes need to be made, revisions will be made and emailed back to the customer.
  4. Design expert will then provide the customer with quotation for materials. Quotations will include materials needed for the project, installation if requested, and shipping costs to the customer’s facility.
  5. Customer & design expert will discuss quotation. Revisions will be made as needed.
  6. Customer signs off on quotation.
  7. Date of installation and/or delivery set.
  8. If the project requires installation, the project manager will contact the customer to discuss the installation process. 
  9. Installation completed and signed off by the required personal.

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