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Double-Sided Cantilever Tower

Cantilever racks can be an extremely important feature of any warehouse — especially warehouses that don't have uniform, easy-to-stack products. A great cantilever rack comes from great cantilever parts, and when the core of your cantilever rack is a double-sided cantilever tower from T.P. Supply Co., you can be confident that your cantilever racks will do the job.

Our double-sided Type 1 column cantilever towers feature a 16,000 lb. load capacity with a height of 8 feet and a 24-inch or 36-inch base, or heights of 12 feet or 16 feet with a 12 x 16 base.

Using a Double-Sided Cantilever Tower

Our double-sided cantilever towers provide the perfect structure for your cantilever rack. If you are new to cantilever racks and you are looking for an effective storage solution for non-standard items, we urge you to try our double-sided cantilever towers. Many businesses get around the issue of having inventory that does not conform to regular pallet racks by using cantilever racks, which are designed to allow easy storage of oddly shaped items — especially long thin items like bars, beams and pipes.

Up until now, you may have been jamming these items anywhere they will fit on your standard pallet racks, which can often make accessing them difficult and create chaos or safety issues when you try to retrieve them. Alternatively, you may be leaving them on the floor of your warehouse or up against a wall, which slows down your ability to find and access needed parts. With a good double-sided cantilever tower/cantilever rack, you can rid yourself of these problems.

You may be amazed at how much easier and more smoothly your warehouse workflow becomes once you have cantilever racks installed. With their open design and high capacity, you can easily stack many items on them without worrying about these items getting in each other’s way, even if they are long and thin or unusually shaped items. Workers can access items more easily and you will be able to get more storage use out of a limited amount of space without struggling to make everything fit.

Industries That Use Double-Sided Cantilever Towers

You probably already know if your business can benefit from a cantilever rack, but they are commonly used in plumbing industry businesses that have metal or PVC pipes to store, lumber industry businesses that may be storing different planks or other types of wood, the furniture business, the electronics industry and more.

Choosing T.P. Supply Co. for Double-Sided Cantilever Towers

Customers choose T.P. Supply Co. for double-sided cantilever towers because we know pallet racks. We have years of experience selling and installing all manner of pallet rack storage equipment, and cantilever rack equipment is one of our specialties. Not only are our products extremely reliable, but they are also designed to fit your budget. We have new, used, and reconditioned products available, depending on what your budget requires.

We are also expert pallet rack installers, meaning we can come set up your cantilever rack equipment quickly and efficiently so you can start making use of it as soon as possible. If you are interested in the benefits of double-sided cantilever towers for your business, we are ready to help. Give us a call today at 877-302-2337 or make use of our customized quote tool to find out about cantilever rack equipment prices and place an order.