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Industrial Shelving

Shelving units make it simple for businesses of any size and type to free up floor space and avoid getting bogged down by clutter. Organize heavy packages and supplies with ease when you choose from T.P. Supply Co.'s wide selection of industrial shelving products. Our shelving solutions can be used in numerous industries to provide maximum efficiency when filling orders, completing inventory or storing supplies.

Shelving for Inventory Management

Whether you own a factory, warehouse, or even a retail outlet, you likely take inventory often. And with inventory comes the need to stay highly organized. Otherwise, you risk losing time and money by trying to track disordered items.

Any good inventory management system includes an array of storage solutions to find items quickly and easily. But not just any shelves will do. Our industrial shelving is fit to your business' depth, width and height requirements to provide you with ample heavy-duty storage that will hold even your bulkiest supplies and products.

Inventory Shelving Solutions for E-Commerce

The massive boom in e-commerce requires the shelving and racking industry to grow and evolve as well. Online customers demand quick, hassle-free service, so e-commerce shelving solutions must be readily accessible and accurate, too.

Our clipper and rivet shelving systems come in an array of depths, widths and heights, and our rivet systems feature both starter and add-on units, so you can fit all your products neatly on your shelves. Also, our industrial wire bins allow you to move products through the shipping center more efficiently and streamline the transportation process.

Distribution Center Metal Rack Storage

As a distribution center, you most likely deal with heavy, bulky products daily. You need a storage system that can keep up with an extensive inventory so that you can protect valuable goods without worrying about the safety of your team.

You can comfortably fit products of nearly all sizes and weights onto our shelving units. Our clipper shelves hold up to 850 pounds and our rivet shelving solutions are designed for maximum vertical clearance between racks. Starter and add-on units ensure you can cover your whole distribution center with the proper amount of storage space.

Small Business Storage Units

Whether you're a local contractor, independent publisher, artist or other local operation, maintaining your own small business comes with a variety of needs and responsibilities. One of your most important duties to yourself and your customers is the safe storage and showcasing of your items.

Use our shelving solutions as a display stand for your products, or free up your workspace by putting scattered tools and accessories on shelves or in lockers.

Choose T.P. Supply Co. for Industrial Shelving Solutions

If you're looking to open up a new distribution center or small business, you'll need industrial shelving for your supplies and inventory. Or perhaps you're an e-commerce company looking to expand your storage solutions. No matter your industry or storage goals, you can turn to T.P. Supply Co. to provide you with the ultimate shelving solution for your business.

Whether you're looking for shelving, lockers or industrial bins, choose T.P. Supply Co. for your storage needs. Order online now for low-priced shelving options that will help you take control of your workspace and your business' efficiency. For bulk order pricing, complete our online form for a customized quote.