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Cantilever Rack Horizontal Brace

If you have cantilever racks and need horizontal bracing, or if you are looking to install cantilever racks to optimize your warehouse’s storage capabilities and are looking for quality parts, T.P. Supply Co. has you covered. We offer horizontal Type 1 braces for 48-inch c/c columns and horizontal Type 1 braces for 60-inch c/c columns. Choose the type that fits your cantilever rack for strong, sturdy support and better storage capabilities.

Benefits of Using Cantilever Rack Horizontal Bracing

Cantilever racks with horizontal bracing can offer tremendous benefits to your business. If you are not familiar with cantilever racks, they are pallet racks with an open design configured to accommodate items that do not necessarily conform to the same standard shape. They are especially useful for storing longer, thinner items like I-beams, pipes or poles — but they can just as easily provide storage for other items with non-standard shapes as well.

Many warehouse managers are in need of cantilever racks and may not even realize it. If you find yourself trying to fit pipes, beams or generally non-standard items in with your standard items on pallet racks and are struggling to do so, or if you have given up and simply stacked these items on the floor or leaned them up against a wall, you will almost surely benefit from some quality cantilever racks with a cantilever rack horizontal brace or a cross-brace.

By installing cantilever racks, you allow yourself more and easier storage of these non-standard items. With these inventory items in cantilever racks, you should never have to worry that your employees will have difficulty finding or accessing needed items, or that these items could create a safety issue.

Standard pallet rack shelving systems can greatly limit what you can put on them and how you can arrange items on them. This is usually not a problem with similar, uniform items. For the rest, you have cantilever racks. Cantilever racks and cantilever rack horizontal braces can make your job as a warehouse or inventory manager much easier when it comes to organizing, categorizing and storing all of your items, even if storage space in the warehouse is limited.

Industries That Use Cantilever Rack Horizontal Braces

Unless every item in your inventory is of a standard and uniform shape, you can probably benefit from cantilever racks with cantilever rack horizontal braces. The industries where you'll find them most frequently include plumbing-related businesses where PVC pipes and copper pipes are common, lumber or furniture businesses that may need to store planks, beams or other wood products, and electronics wholesalers.

Why Choose T.P. Supply Co. for Cantilever Rack Horizontal Braces?

We will put the quality and affordability of our cantilever rack horizontal braces up against any in the industry. You’ll never have to worry about whether or not they are installed correctly because we install everything for you. These are budget-friendly pieces that are available in new, used and reconditioned versions for your budgeting convenience.

Get all the cantilever rack horizontal braces, other cantilever equipment, or any other pallet rack equipment you need right now. Call T.P. Supply Co. at 877-302-2337 or use our customized quote tool for pricing information and to place your order.