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Single-Sided Cantilever Tower

For those who like the idea of simplifying their storage system with cantilever racks but are planning on having their cantilever racks against a wall, or who do not need a two-sided cantilever rack, T.P. Supply Co. offers a high-quality single-sided cantilever tower. Our single-sided Type 1 columns are available in 12-inch and 16-inch heights with an 8,000 lb. maximum load capacity and a 12 x 16 base.

Using a Single-Sided Cantilever Tower

Our single-sided cantilever tower is the structure at the heart of the cantilever rack, which can provide a perfect solution for companies with limited storage space and/or those dealing with non-standard-shaped items. Industries with long and thin items like steel bars and wooden beams, in particular, can benefit greatly from these racks, which store such items easily. These racks can allow you to store a variety of unusually shaped items together, including unique furniture accessories and electronics.

Even if you only have a few non-standard items, a cantilever rack can be a better solution than whatever your current method is of storing these items. Dumping these items on the floor, leaning them against a wall or placing them wherever they will fit on a standard pallet rack can not only create a serious safety issue but can also make these items extremely difficult to access. A single-sided cantilever tower/cantilever rack can be a very effective alternative.

Warehouse and inventory managers are often surprised at how much easier a good cantilever rack or two can make their facility’s workflow. These flexible, open-design structures give you the freedom to store and stack a large number and wide variety of items, and to easily identify and access them. Workers store, find, and retrieve pipes, beams, and other inventoried items faster — and productivity and profitability benefit as a result.

If your warehouse suffers from limited storage space, disorganization, or challenges with inventory items that do not conform to established standards, cantilevered racks are probably perfect for your needs.

Are Single-Sided Cantilever Towers Right for Your Business?

Electronics wholesalers, who may have many items that cover a wide range of shapes and sizes, can clearly benefit from the use of single-sided cantilever towers, as can plumbing companies or other companies that use PVC or metal pipes, lumber companies, or furniture companies that need to store lumber or oddly shaped furniture accessories, and any other company that has non-uniform items to store.

Purchasing Single-Sided Cantilever Towers from T.P. Supply Co.

When you’re ready to implement cantilever racks for your business, you don’t want to get your cantilever towers and other parts from just anybody, nor do you want just anyone to install them. Come to the experts at T.P. Supply Co., who've spent years selling and installing all manner of pallet racks and pallet rack equipment, from standard pallet racks to all essential cantilever rack parts.

We offer strong, high-quality single-sided cantilever towers in new, used, and conditioned versions to make it easier to fit your cantilever rack equipment needs into your budget. We have a great cantilever rack system ready to bring you right now, and our expert installers can set it up in a snap. To get started, just call us now at 877-302-2337 or use our customized quote tool for pricing and ordering information.