Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 48″D x 96″H – 3″ x 1 5/8″ Column


Husky Rack & Wire Invincible rack line Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet rack. INVINCIBLEå¨ RACK uses the most common beam attachment in the rack industry. Two teardrop punches, side by side on 2″ centers. Beams are adjustable every 2″.

Made in the USA from USA made high-strength steel. Capacity based on 48″ Beam Spacing.

This innovative upright is a member of the Husky Rack & Wire Invincible Rack line, which consists of products with two adjacent teardrop-shaped slots and 2-inch centers. These columns provide a versatile, safe racking solution that meets the needs of warehouses in a wide range of industries.

The Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 48″D x 96″H can accommodate loads of up to 16,700 pounds. Each column weighs only 43.8 pounds, providing maximum mobility within your facility. This product also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, enabling you to purchase and use this racking system with confidence.

Benefits of the Husky Pallet Rack Teardrop Upright

The 48″D x 96″H teardrop uprights can add value to a warehousing operation in several ways:

  • Strength: Husky uses rugged, high-grade steel when manufacturing these uprights. Your columns will withstand the rigors of the most challenging warehouse conditions.
  • Versatility: You can combine these columns with components from other racking system manufacturers, whether you use new, used or reconditioned parts.
  • Safety: Husky Invincible Rack teardrop uprights include latches to prevent the accidental release of a teardrop connection. This feature helps you create a safer work environment for your team.
  • Simple installation: The verticals and beams are easy to set up, so you don’t need someone with specialized engineering knowledge or expensive equipment to do the job. You can also have T.P. Supply Co., Inc. handle the task for you.
  • Customization: The ability to swap out parts allows you to tailor the columns’ setup to your unique operating environment. You can also make quick, easy adjustments as needed.

How Do Teardrop Uprights Work?

The majority of the racking in U.S. material handling operations features teardrop-style connections. The pins located on the end of the beams fit easily and securely into the slots. The upside-down teardrop shape ensures the pins will rest at the narrower portion of the opening to keep them in place and prevent slipping. Because there are multiple holes, you can adjust the beam upward or downward on the column for simple height adjustments.

The unique design of the teardrop column ensures a safer warehouse environment since the uprights include latches that prevent a shelving collapse if a forklift strikes the rack. You also won’t need to install fasteners or clips to secure the beams to the column, which will save time if you decide to reconfigure your racking setup in the future.

Purchase an Upright Teardrop 48″D x 96″H – 3″ x 1 5/8″ Column Today

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Weight 43.8 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 96 × 3 × 48 in


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