96″ L x 4″ H Interchangeable Beam – UNARCO


T.P. Supply Company, Inc. offers a sturdy, high-grade interchangeable beam for warehouse and distribution applications. This 96-inch-long UNARCO beam is designed to expand your material handling and storage options, increasing workplace efficiency. If you’re interested in this interchangeable beam, we’ll guide you through the process to help you find the right warehouse solution.

Our 96” L 4” H Interchangeable Beam for Industrial Projects

For a cost-effective price, you can buy the UNARCO 96-inch-long teardrop beam in bulk today. With a durable design and a capacity of up to 5,030 pounds, this beam can handle heavy loads in fast-paced warehouse environments. It serves as a stable foundation for all your facility’s products and materials.

This product arrives at your facility brand new and ready to offer its full capabilities. Its weight of 2,359 pounds makes it suitable for larger applications. The UNARCO interchangeable beam also comes with a one-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

Benefits of the UNARCO Beam

UNARCO Material Handling Inc. specializes in developing warehouse storage systems, and T.P. Supply Company delivers them to you in excellent condition. You can buy 96-inch-long interchangeable beams from our inventory today with the help of our skilled professionals. Whatever quantity you need, we can provide pallet racking systems that fit the needs of your industry.

In bulk, this UNARCO interchangeable beam will play a major role in helping you maximize warehouse space. Our sturdy pallet racks are compact, allowing you to fit larger loads in smaller spaces. This capability allows you to improve organizational management and increase safety for workers as they move materials in and out of storage.

Buy Interchangeable Beams in Bulk Through T.P. Supply Company

Are you ready to place an order for UNARCO interchangeable beams? Add the 96-inch-long teardrop beam to your cart or contact us for more information today.

Weight 23.59 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 96 × 3 × 4 in


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Factory Warranty


37172, 75057