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TP Rack Reconditioned Universal Teardrop Style Upright 60″D x 168″H – 3″ x 3″ Columns. Each teardrop connection is on 2″ centers with a capacity of 25,500lb @ 48″ beam spacing

Efficient storage management is a critical part of the warehousing process. T.P. Supply Company, Inc. helps managers maintain productive work schedules by offering storage systems from leading manufacturers. With a reconditioned set of 168-inch universal teardrop rack uprights, you can install pallet racks that make the most of every inch in your warehouse.

Universal Teardrop Rack Upright Specifications and Details

The universal teardrop rack upright offers 3-inch by 3-inch columns and dimensions of 60 inches deep by 168 inches high. Weighing just 115 pounds, these uprights are both light and sturdy so you can maintain better productivity and safety in the workplace.

At T.P. Supply Company, we recondition these uprights to ensure they meet the proper standards of quality and capacity. We also put them through a detailed inspection process so they continue to deliver reliable performance long after purchase. Our universal teardrop rack uprights are compatible with other teardrop-style beams.

Build Sturdy Rack Foundations With T.P. Supply Company Components

Pallet racking is a cost-effective warehousing practice that reduces damage, improves your use of space and allows workers to fulfill orders more quickly. With the 168-inch universal teardrop rack upright, you can build and customize pallet racks that meet your facility’s requirements.

Beams are easy to adjust when attached to our uprights, giving you more control over how to store your inventory. They are also easy to set up and dismantle so you can make adjustments at any time.

Buy the Teardrop Rack Upright 168” H

The TP Rack universal teardrop rack upright is suitable for a variety of storage facility applications. You can buy these uprights in bulk by adding the desired quantity to your cart and placing an order today. For more information about the pallet rack components and material handling solutions we offer, fill out our online contact form.

Weight 115 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 168 × 3 × 60 in


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