TP Rack – Reconditioned Universal Teardrop Pallet Rack

 TP Rack

A division of T.P. Supply Company, Inc. TP Rack’s product line provides reconditioned universal teardrop rack products. Our racking products undergo a thorough and extensive reconditioning process. Every upright and beam has been inspected for its structural integrity examining each racking component for any damage or missing parts. The universal teardrop uprights and beams will match up with most all teardrop uprights and beams on the market! After inspection, parts replaced (racking cut & welded) reconditioning process complete, the material goes through our paint line ensuring a complete reconditioned aesthetically pleasing racking product! Each upright and beam has a 15-step checklist that it goes through before the racking gets put onto the truck and sent to the customer to ensure the quality of the material.