Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 42″D x 240″H – 3″ x 3″ Column


Husky Rack & Wire Invincible rack line Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet rack. INVINCIBLEå¨ RACK uses the most common beam attachment in the rack industry. Two teardrop punches, side by side on 2″ centers. Beams are adjustable every 2″.

Made in the USA from USA made high-strength steel. Capacity based on 48″ Beam Spacing.

Pallet racking systems store pallets of products on metal shelves such as wire decking and cantilever racks. Teardrop racks are a type of pallet racking that needs supportive upright frames.

The Husky Rack Uprights at T.P. Supply Company, Inc. are among the highest-strength racking products available. The teardrop pattern is an industry standard and accepts most teardrop-style beams. The industry-color green beams are manufactured from high-strength steel with a capacity of 25,300 pounds to adapt to the most intensive storage needs.

Benefits of Husky Pallet Racks With Upright Teardrop Patterns

Pallet racks by T.P. Supply Company, Inc. improve your warehouse operations and bottom line. You can store your products efficiently to simplify the picking and packing processes. Enhanced productivity leads to more revenue for your business.

The 42-inch-by-240-inch Husky Pallet Rack is a teardrop pallet rack with teardrop-shaped holes. This style is the industry-standard pallet rack pattern and offers these benefits:

  • Low cost: Compared to other racking systems, our Husky Pallet Racks have a lower price, so you can upgrade your storage system for less.
  • Stability: The teardrop system locks the horizontal beams in place to keep your products and personnel safe.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: These racks require no special tools to set up or take down.
  • Versatile: You can set up these upright columns in any way you need to reconfigure your racking for new layouts.
  • Uniform: Teardrop systems are consistent from one system to the next, and the components are compatible with both new-style and old-style teardrop racks.

How Our Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 42″D x 240″H Works

Teardrop pallet racking uprights are the vertical columns that support the racking system’s shelves. Our 42-inch-by-240-inch upright teardrop pallet racks use tear-shaped holes to hold the horizontal crossbeams. This shape locks the beam to the upright to keep the beam secure after it slides into place. Our beams use the Bowlock® safety clip, a patented device. With Bowlock® clips, you must remove the beam before springing or removing the safety clip, ensuring your racking will stay in place for long-term storage needs.

Since the uprights have several holes, you can change the shelf size and distance based on the product being stored. Forklifts can store and remove pallets on these shelves with enough room to clear the beams.

The Husky Pallet Racks at T.P. Supply Company, Inc. are Rack Manufacturers’ Institute (RMI) Certified, meaning they comply with national and industry engineering standards. You can be confident that your rack uprights:

  • Meet the strictest quality and durability standards.
  • Are designed to keep your staff, inventory and facility safe.
  • Account for seismic codes in system design.

Purchase Husky Pallet Rack Teardrop Uprights

T.P. Supply Company, Inc. has provided quality products and competitive services since 1979. We manufacture high-quality storage products and material handling systems, including this Husky Pallet Rack Upright Column.

In addition to reliable products, we offer delivery and installation services. Our team will deliver the rack uprights to your facility on our own trucks and install them on-site, so you can start using your new rack right away.

Add our 42-inch-by-240-inch upright teardrop pallet rack columns to your cart and place your order today. For further information, contact our team online or call 877-302-2337.

Weight 118.2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 240 × 3 × 42 in


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