Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 42″D x 144″H – 3″ x 3″ Column


Husky Rack & Wire Invincible rack line Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet rack. INVINCIBLEå¨ RACK uses the most common beam attachment in the rack industry. Two teardrop punches, side by side on 2″ centers. Beams are adjustable every 2″.

Made in the USA from USA made high-strength steel. Capacity based on 48″ Beam Spacing.

The Husky Pallet Rack Teardrop Upright is the column that holds a pallet racking system’s shelves in place to support pallets and products. Our uprights are American-made with high-tensile steel to support up to 25,300 pounds. These industry-color green upright columns use the standard teardrop connection type for widespread compatibility.

Reasons to Get 42″D x 144″H Upright Teardrop Pallet Racks for Your Warehouse

Our Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop Systems are advantageous for your warehouse’s operations and bottom line. These rack uprights will:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to safety: Our racking systems have certification from the Rack Manufacturers’ Institute (RMI). RMI Certification means our products meet strict quality standards and undergo vigorous testing to prove their durability so you can be confident in the safety of your racking system.
  • Enhance your productivity: Our 42-inch-by-144-inch Husky Pallet Rack Uprights with teardrop punches support efficient storage for your facility. Pallet racking makes handling and picking easier so your team can spend more time on critical tasks.
  • Increase your storage capacity in your facility: Pallet rack uprights allow for vertical product storage, holding more products than floor stacking alone. Use your facility’s space more efficiently to store more products without taking up additional room.
  • Be flexible with your needs: The teardrop shape in the uprights is compatible with many teardrop connection styles. You can adjust the shelves every 2 inches to store pallets of nearly any size in the racking.

How Do Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrops Work?

Teardrop racks are pallet racking systems with tear-shaped holes in the upright columns. The connectors on the horizontal crossbeams slide inside. The holes’ unique shape locks the beams tightly to the uprights without using bolts or other fasteners.

Installing a pallet racking system with an industry-standard design has several benefits for your facility. The advantages of a teardrop pallet rack are:

  • Low cost: The Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop product is cost-effective compared to other pallet storage systems.
  • Safety: These beams use Bowlock® safety clips. The beam must be removed before the safety clips can be sprung or removed. Since the teardrop holes secure the crossbeams, you can trust your racking system will remain stable, keeping your products, personnel and facility safe.
  • Versatility: You can configure the Husky Pallet Rack Teardrop Upright to meet your storage needs by adjusting the shelves’ height and width.
  • Universal compatibility: The Husky Rack and Wire teardrop pattern is an industry standard and accepts most teardrop-style beams. You can use these uprights with virtually any new- or old-style teardrop rack.
  • Easy assembly: The rack is easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure since no special tools are necessary for installation.

Purchase 42″D x 144″H Husky Pallet Rack Uprights in the Teardrop Style

T.P. Supply Company, Inc. has offered high-quality pallet racking uprights since 1979. Our systems help warehouses and storage facilities store their pallets efficiently and safely. When you order Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop Columns, we will personally deliver your order, and our team will set up the racking uprights in your facility.

Buy teardrop pallet racks for your business by adding them to your cart and placing your order. For more information about this product, contact our team online or call 877-302-2337.

Weight 72.14 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 144 × 3 × 42 in


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01453, 28037