Husky Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 48″D x 192″H – 3″ x 3″ Column


Husky Rack & Wire Invincible rack line Industry standard teardrop design is compatible with other teardrop pallet racks. INVINCIBLEå¨ RACK uses the most common beam attachment in the rack industry. Two teardrop punches, side by side on 2″ centers. Beams are adjustable every 2″.

Made in the USA from USA made high-strength steel. Capacity based on 48″ Beam Spacing.

This rugged upright features a teardrop design, making it adaptable to other teardrop racking solutions. The product weighs 98.18 pounds and offers a load capacity of 25,300 pounds. It also includes teardrop punches on 2-inch centers that can accommodate adjustable beams every 2 inches.

This 48″D x 192″H upright teardrop rack is an American-made product consisting of solid steel, ensuring reliable, long-lasting performance in the most challenging warehousing environments. It includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you extra protection and peace of mind.

Benefits of the Pallet Rack Upright Teardrop 48″D x 192″H

Integrating this Husky Rack & Wire Invincible Rack into your material handling processes provides numerous benefits:

  • Versatility: These racks are interchangeable with equipment from multiple manufacturers. When you need parts or components, you’ll be able to source them from several suppliers, whether you prefer new, used or reconditioned products.
  • Easy to install: The teardrop design streamlines and simplifies the installation process. You don’t need skilled labor or expensive tools or equipment to modify systems using this upright.
  • Strength: A unique Invincible Rack feature is that the more weight you place on these pieces, the stronger they become. This characteristic arises because friction and gravity lock the beam pins into place.
  • Safety: Teardrop pallet racks have safety catches that prevent accidental release of the connection.
  • Customization: The mix-and-match components enable you to use parts from one manufacturer with those of another. You’ll be able to create a custom racking system tailored to your warehousing environment.

How Do Teardrop Uprights Work?

The teardrop version is the most popular racking system in the U.S. As the name implies, these racks consist of uprights with punched slots that resemble upside-down teardrops. The holes can accommodate circular pins on the beams, which are the horizontal components that connect to the uprights. The vertical arrangement of the slots enables the spacing of the pins at 2″ intervals.

The inverted teardrop configuration means that the opening is wider at the top than at the bottom. When you place the horizontal beam into the hole and let it settle, the pin’s head falls below the wider opening. Thus, the beam won’t slip out unless you push the shelf upward. The safety catch provides additional protection by preventing slippage if a forklift or other heavy equipment collides with the rack, reducing the risk of a potentially serious accident in your warehouse.

Purchase a Husky Pallet Rack 48″D x 192″H – 3″ x 3″ Upright Teardrop

When you buy a Husky Rack & Wire Invincible teardrop racking system from T.P. Supply Co., Inc., you get a complete package that includes exceptional service. We’ll deliver the materials in a company truck and perform a fast, professional installation. Rather than hiring  outside vendors or third-party contractors, we do all the work ourselves, ensuring the highest quality and maximum safety.

Our company has been in business since 1979. Trust our decades of material handling and warehousing equipment expertise to ensure you get the best solution for your work environment.

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Weight 98.18 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 192 × 3 × 48 in


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