Buying New vs. Used Pallet Racking

Whether you’re expanding your warehouse, relocating to a new one or in need of a temporary storage solution, investing a pallet racking system is an important decision. Pallet racks are an integral component of any warehouse’s operation, and they can also be a significant financial investment — one that you want to get right.

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With the global warehousing and storage market growing at a steady rate, there’s no shortage of warehousing supplies, both new and used, available for purchase. While new pallet racking gives you an opportunity to customize your warehouse from the ground-up, used pallet racking shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many benefits of used pallet racking for your warehousing business that can improve inventory management and protect your bottom line. Let’s compare used vs. new pallet racking to determine what’s right for your business.

Pros and Cons of Buying New Pallet Racking

New pallet racking allows businesses to customize their pallet racking systems from the start. With new pallet racking, you get the exact solution you need for your warehouse, including adding a mezzanine level for additional space optimization or racks that are accessible by multiple material-handling systems. New pallet racking will also naturally be more aesthetically pleasing compared to used racking, which will no doubt have its fair share of dings and dents. If you’re purchasing pallet racking for a brand new warehouse facility, then new pallet racking might be an important accompaniment in the new venture, especially if you can order it in your brand colors.

Despite the benefits of new pallet racking, there are undoubtedly some drawbacks to consider. Most of the cons of buying new pallet racking have to do with financial concerns and overall value. If the right used pallet rack system is available that meets your needs and is of high-quality and durability standards, then it can provide much better value than new pallet racking as it will cost a fraction of the price and perform just the same.

Advantages of Buying Used Pallet Racking

When you have the option to buy used racking over new pallet racking, it can be a smart choice to make. Used pallet rack systems have many advantages over new pallet racking, including financial and environmental benefits, as well as improvements to your warehouse operational efficiency. If you’re deciding between new vs. used pallet racks, consider the following reasons to choose used pallet racking for your warehouse:

  • Lower upfront cost: Warehousing and inventory management comes at a significant cost for most businesses. When investing in a pallet racking system, it’s important to get as much value as possible from your purchase. Used pallet racking is considerably less expensive than new pallet racking. By buying your pallet racks used, you incur a much lower capital expenditure, allowing you to reserve your cash for other operational improvements.
  • High quality and standards: One concern that warehouse managers may have when considering used pallet racks is their safety and durability. When purchasing used pallet racks from a reliable supplier, you can rest assured that all used pallet racks are thoroughly inspected and meet all safety standards before being sold. Keep in mind that when pallet racks have already been used and are being resold, it means they’re high-quality products that are durable and long-lasting.
  • Wide selection: Even though new pallet racking is being produced at a steady rate, there is a tremendous amount of used pallet racking in circulation. This allows warehouse managers to choose from a wide selection of as-is racking, especially when purchased from experienced suppliers. By choosing a reputable pallet racking supplier, you’ll be sure to have an extensive inventory to choose from to find the right solution for your warehouse.
  • Easy to assemble: When purchasing new pallet racking, you may need custom solutions made from scratch, taking time to design and order. Used pallet racking can save you time as you install your new racking systems. Since pallet racks have already been in use, they’re easy to assemble. In some cases, used pallet racking may even come already partially assembled, saving you even more time.
  • Convenient temporary solution: Companies in a transition phase often lease temporary warehousing space as an intermediate inventory management solution. Instead of investing in brand new pallet racking for a short-term operation, consider used pallet racking to save you time and money.
  • Environmentally friendly: Last but not least, another significant advantage that used pallet racking has over new pallet racking is that it’s environmentally friendly. Reusing old pallet racking extends the product’s life cycle, cutting back on additional waste and the resources that accompany manufacturing new pallet racks. For companies that set sustainability goals, purchasing used pallet racking is one way to meet these objectives.

Choosing the Right Pallet Racking for Your Needs

Choosing the right pallet racking for your needs goes beyond the decision of new vs. used. Pallet racking must meet your warehouse’s unique needs, and there are many factors to consider to ensure you install the right solution. Here are some of the things to consider when buying either new or used industrial racking systems:

  • Calculate the total floor space available for pallet racking
  • Know your pallet size and dimensions
  • Measure the total pallet load, including width, depth and height
  • Ensure the correct beam capacity and know how many loads to store per beam
  • Calculate the upright height and don’t forget ceiling clearance requirements
  • Consider your rack decking needs, such as wire mesh decking

When ordering pallet racking, it’s critical to get the right measurements to ensure that your loads fit correctly onto the racking and that the racking will withstand the intended loads. To ensure you get the right pallet racking system, always consult a trusted supplier who can help design the right system that will be safe and durable.

Reconditioned and New Pallet Racking From T.P. Supply

Installing sturdy, safe and reliable pallet racking is essential for any warehouse operation. Good pallet racking makes a cleaner, more organized space and can increase your efficiency and safety. By choosing high-quality pallet racking systems, you’ll have a long-term solution that will serve as an asset to your business for years to come.

New pallet racking systems can be customized to meet your warehouse’s needs from the ground up. By investing in new pallet racking, you can ensure you get the exact system you require that’s durable and in pristine condition. On the other hand, warehouses needing to scale up quickly can turn to used pallet rack systems to reduce their costs. Reconditioned pallet racking systems are a convenient, affordable and reliable option.

Whether you’re looking for used or new pallet racking, choose T.P. Supply Co. We have a range of new and reconditioned pallet racking options to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our pallet racking systems. Call us at 1-877-302-2337 or contact us online.