TP Rack Universal Teardrop Rack Starter Unit 42″ D x 96″ W x 192″ H – Wire Decking Included


With two durable wire rack shelves, you can easily and effectively store goods weighing up to 4,600 pounds that can be customized to your needs. The teardrop punch holes are designed to offer easy and flexible storage, allowing you to adjust your shelving two inches up or down.

When you take a gander at your storage space, is your inventory cluttered and mismatched on the shelves, stuffed wherever it will fit, or stacked on valuable floor space? This is a safety risk, but it also compromises on efficiency and even the quality of your physical goods.

With universal teardrop storage racks from T.P. Supply Co., you no longer have to settle for ineffective storage options. Our impeccably manufactured steel storage racks feature 42-inch-deep, 96-inch-wide and 192-inch-tall dimensions that can be incorporated into your existing storage rack setups.

With T.P. Supply Co.’s heavy-duty and eminently effective universal teardrop rack systems, you can finally streamline storage and fulfillment, embrace a safe workspace and maximize your company’s profits.

Weight 341.4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 192 × 24 × 42 in




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