36″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Deck 2,500 Lbs. UDL


36″ D x 58″ W Wire Mesh Deck – Consisting of 3 Standard U Channels per Deck with a 2″ x 4″ Wire Mesh Pattern with a Galvanized finish boosting warehouse lighting!

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Manufactured by J&L Wire in the United States, Galva-Deck™ is a galvanized wire mesh decking product designed to work alongside pallet racks in the warehousing, materials handling and logistics industries. Each deck measures 36 inches deep by 58 inches wide by 2.5 inches high. These decks provide excellent strength and versatility, allowing users to promote safety and maximize storage space in their warehouses.

Benefits of the 36″ D x 58″ W Galvanized Wire Mesh Deck

The Galva-Deck™ line includes wire mesh decks in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different warehousing needs. The 36″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Deck offers an ideal solution for storing pallets on wide pallet racks. Some of the benefits of this galvanized wire decking include:

  • Versatile design: Galva-Deck™ products feature modular designs. This makes them easy to install and rearrange. With 36″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Decks, you can optimize your pallet racking as your storage needs evolve.
  • High capacity: These 36-inch by 58-inch wire mesh decks can hold up to 2,500 pounds. The wire mesh is reinforced with formed steel channels, making each deck sturdy and reliable.
  • Durability: These wire mesh decks also offer excellent abrasion resistance and durability. Galva-Deck™ has been shown to outlast powder-coated and painted decks.
  • Reflective finish: The reflective, galvanized finish of these decks helps boost warehouse lighting. When workers can see well, they can prevent accidents and make fewer mistakes.

You will also receive a one-year limited factory warranty when you buy 36″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Decks, so you can expect them to perform.

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