Teardrop Pallet Rack Starter Unit – 42″ D x 96″ W x 96″ H with Wire Decking


When you find your warehouse productivity is slipping, affecting your operations and profits, trust that our universal teardrop rack will turn your performance around. Manufactured from high-quality steel and featuring two adjustable wire rack shelves, this product can manage nearly any inventory shape, size or weight up to 4,600 pounds. Throughout the year, if your inventory changes and you need to quickly readjust your storage, simply reconfigure the unit using the two-inch-spaced teardrop punch holes.

A lack of properly sized racks and storage shelves should never prevent your business from being efficient, successful and profitable. That’s why T.P. Supply Co. developed high-performance, durable universal teardrop racks. Our universal storage racks are specially designed and manufactured to offer optimal inventory visibility and adaptable storage solutions, and to ensure safe, efficient workspaces for employees.

Never let poor-quality shelving keep you from being productive and achieving success. With T.P. Supply Co.’s universal teardrop rack, you can confidently manage, store and process your inventory more efficiently than ever.

Weight 251.4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 96 × 24 × 42 in



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