Teardrop Pallet Rack Starter Unit 42″ D x 96″ W x 144″ H with Wire Decking


When you need superior storage solutions, look no further than the universal teardrop racks at T.P. Supply Co. Our universal teardrop rack starter unit can be added to existing shelving structures and is complete with two decking levels and two wire shelves to support a wide range of products, from pharmaceuticals to raw materials and consumer-ready merchandise.

The storage warehouse is one of the most important parts of your operation. It offers a clean, safe place to store inventory, facilitates smooth order fulfillment and keeps your company profitable and professional. While many businesses recognize the importance of proper warehousing facilities, they may be using inadequate storage racks to house goods, leading to product damage and inefficient workflows.

Crafted from durable, heavy-duty gauged steel, these teardrop racks can manage inventory weights up to 4,600 pounds and can easily be adjusted to accommodate different product shapes and sizes. Simply reconfigure the shelving heights using the simple teardrop punch-hole design placed every two inches.

For trusted and reliable universal teardrop racks, rely on the exceptional product line only available at T.P. Supply Co.

Weight 299.4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 144 × 24 × 42 in



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