Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Table XLT36-10 XLT Series – 1000 Lbs. Capacity

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Presto Lifts hydraulic scissor lifts come standard with dual hand and foot controls to easily and independently adjust the table to the right height and tilt angle for your application and operator comfort.

Presto Lifts lift and tilt tables have a steel base and cross-braced legs operated by a single-acting hydraulic cylinder and motor. The Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table XLT 36-10 enables efficient operation and adjustment during projects. It has a loading weight capacity of 1,000 pounds, a 20-second lifting speed and a 10-second tilting speed. This model features a 24-inch-by-48-inch base, a 48-inch-by-48-inch platform, a raised height of 49 3/4 inches and a low height of 13 3/4 inches.

Because the tilt cylinder is set into the lifting platform, this unit has a reduced lowered height for maximum versatility. The scissor lift table is excellent for loading and unloading materials for a wide range of applications, from retail merchandise to manufacturing materials.

The hydraulic scissor lift tables in the Presto Lifts XLT Series have 1 horsepower for tilting and lifting, and this model can achieve tilt angles of 30 degrees or 45 degrees. This model is also available with 60-degree and 89-degree tilt capabilities. Each Presto Lifts tilt lift table sold at T.P. Supply includes an automatic five-year warranty.

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Weight 1000 lbs

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