Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Table X3WT36-20 X3WT Series

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Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Tables allow operators to independently adjust the tables’ height and tilt for precise positioning and increased comfort while working. The X3WT 36-20 hydraulic scissor lift table can accommodate loads up to 2,000 pounds, making it suitable for various distribution, warehousing and material handling applications where consistent loading and unloading is necessary.

The Presto Lift Table X3WT 36-20 has a standard base platform measuring 36 inches 48 inches and a maximum platform of 60 inches by 60 inches. When lifted, the platform rests at 47 1/2 inches tall, while the minimum height settles at 11 1/2 inches. This model can lift a load 36 inches in 42 seconds. It can also tilt the platform 30 degrees or 45 degrees in 8 seconds.

All Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables have a single power unit to control lifting and tilting from a pedestal. These durable and robust tilt tables come with five-year factory warranties for additional peace of mind.

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Weight 1425 lbs

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