44″ D x 46″ W Wire Mesh Deck 2500 Lbs. Capacity Flared Support


44″ deep x 46″ wide

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Whether your business deals with large, heavy objects or massive quantities of smaller items, keeping them organized and in good condition is key to making a profit. Complete your pallet racks with 44-inch deep, 46-inch wide Wire Mesh Decking from T.P. Supply Co.

Wire mesh is efficient in terms of cost and weight capacity. However, the open design also has several other perks that range from cleanliness to its function during an emergency. Enjoy these benefits of using our wire mesh decking in your business’s storage solutions:

  • Increased airflow
  • Less lingering moisture
  • More sanitary conditions
  • Less accumulation of dust, insects and other debris
  • Free water flow in case of fire
  • Increased longevity
  • Versatile uses

Support Your Shelves With Wire Decking

This decking has a gray powder coat that reduces chemical reactions like oxidation and corrosion to make your pallet racks and their supports last longer. With a UDL weight capacity of 2,500 pounds, you can store your retail or industrial goods safely until you need them.

The wire mesh deck also has three flared supports for added stability, and there is a 1.5-inch waterfall that fits over your shelving’s edges as well. When it is turned downward, the waterfall securely attaches your decking to the rack. That means you won’t need specialized tools or outside professionals to install it, which can save your business valuable time and extra expenses.

Wire Mesh From T.P. Supply Co.

Contact T.P. Supply Co. for more information about decking and other storage solutions. We also offer special bulk prices for clients ordering large quantities for warehouses and other applications. Complete our online contact form or give us a call at 877-302-2337 today!

Weight 18.9 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 44 × 46 × 2.5 in


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