24″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Deck 2,500 Lbs. UDL


24″ D x 58″ W Wire Mesh Deck – Consisting of 3 Standard U Channels per Deck with a 2″ x 4″ Wire Mesh Pattern with a Galvanized finish boosting warehouse lighting!

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Businesses in the logistics, warehousing and materials handling industries need decks capable of maximizing their storage space while promoting safety and productivity. Produced by J&L Wire, Galva-Deck™ is a galvanized wire mesh deck designed to meet your needs. Galva-Deck™ comes in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different pallet racks and storage requirements. This decking measures 24 inches deep by 58 inches wide by 2.5 inches high.

Benefits of This Galvanized Wire Mesh Decking

More than twice as wide as it is deep, this wire mesh decking provides an ideal option for businesses that want to make the most of their floor space. Galva-Deck™ 24″ D x 58″ W decks also feature the following benefits:

  • High capacity: Each 58″ W x 24″ D Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Deck is reinforced with three standard U channels welded to the mesh. This allows the decking to safely support up to 2,500 pounds.
  • Durability: With excellent abrasion resistance, Galva-Deck™ outlasts and outperforms painted and powder-coated decks.
  • Reflective finish: The galvanized coating of the decking reflects light to boost visibility inside your warehouse. A brighter working environment means increased productivity and safety.
  • Ease of use: Galva-Deck™ products have a modular design. This makes them easy to install and allows you to rearrange individual decks without disassembling the entire shelf.

Buy 24″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Decks From T.P. Supply Co

At T.P. Supply Co, you can find 24″ D x 58″ W Galva-Deck™ Wire Mesh Decks for sale, along with a range of other high-performing industrial storage solutions. Galva-Deck™ comes with a one-year limited factory warranty, so you can feel confident implementing it in your facility.

To make upgrading your warehouse storage easier, we have a team of in-house installers to handle setup on your behalf. We will ship your decking quickly and install it according to your specifications. We also offer bulk pricing for large orders. For more information, call 877-302-2337 today or request a customized quote online.

Weight 12.23 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 24 × 58 × 2.5 in


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