TP Rack 144″ L x 5″ H Universal Teardrop Style Beams


TP Rack Reconditioned Universal Teardrop Style Beams – Standard 1 5/8″ Step Beam compatible for various decking options – Color: Orange

Setting up your stackable pallet racks for your warehouse is crucial to ensure accuracy and efficiency. With the help of a universal teardrop-style beam from T.P. Supply Co., you’ll find tools that are easy to install and be rewarded with a safe and secure shelving unit.

Measuring in at 144 inches by 5 inches, this particular step beam gives your shelf 12 feet of display area. The beam itself weighs 50 pounds — a hefty yet sturdy addition to your unit. Its bright orange color provides guidance for installing into your teardrop upright and when attempting to level shelves or wire racks.

As a reconditioned beam, you’ll be sure to have a pallet rack that is secure with experienced parts. Your beam might be years or months old — yet it will work efficiently to keep your items organized and on display. Purchase your reconditioned universal teardrop-style beam online today.

Weight 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 144 × 3 × 5 in
Factory Warranty



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