TP Rack Universal Teardrop Rack Starter Unit 42″ D x 96″ W x 120″ H – Wire Decking Included


When you discover that your current storage products aren’t getting the job done or even preventing you from carrying out proper storage and fulfillment, upgrade to the universal teardrop rack at T.P. Supply Co. With heavy-duty gauged steel construction and a set of two wire shelves, you can easily organize and store any type of inventory. Each shelf can manage up to 4,600 pounds and can be adjusted using teardrop punch holes spaced every two inches.

Are you tired of having wasted inventory, delayed fulfillment and general chaos every time you have to manage products in your company’s warehouse facility? If so, the 120-inch-high universal teardrop rack from T.P. Supply Co. is about to become your most valued asset. With its standard size, universal teardrop design and professional green and orange paint finish, our universal teardrop rack can be incorporated into your existing shelving setup while offering more effective and organized storage.

By using our universal teardrop rack, you’ll find you can easily eliminate some of your most pressing operational concerns, such as wasted product, inefficient operations and poor productivity.

Weight 275.4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 120 × 24 × 42 in



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