Teardrop Pallet Rack Starter Unit 42″D x 96″W x 168″H with Wire Decking


Each unit is complete with two adjustable wire shelves that can be reconfigured with teardrop holes situated every two inches. Not only does the flexible design easily accommodate your evolving storage needs, but you can also trust that these pallet racks can handle exceptional load sizes up to 4,600 pounds.

Storage racks are often-overlooked fixtures even in warehouse facilities. But the proper pallet storage racks mean the difference between having neat, organized goods and streamlined procedures and scrambling to find products only to find them damaged. T.P. Supply Co.’s selection of universal teardrop pallet racks is what you need for the most effective and efficient storage.

Carefully crafted from the highest-quality and most durable steel and specially designed to seamlessly fit into any existing shelving structures of your warehouse, the teardrop pallet rack features a standard orange and green finish, teardrop punch-holes and 42-inch-deep, 96-inch-wide and 168-inch-tall dimensions.

Using. T.P. Supply Co.’s pallet racks for your storage facility means efficiency, performance and quality as long as you need it.

Weight 334.76 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 168 × 24 × 42 in




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