Presto Lifts Pneumatic Lift & Tilt Scissor Lift Table AXST40-4856 AXST40 Series – 4000 Lbs. Capacity 48″ x 56″ Platform

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Presto Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Tables – AXT Series and Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Lift and Tilt Tables – AXST Series, Lift loads to the most comfortable working height, and then tilt them for easy access. Tilt tops can be equipped with special fixtures, lips and gussets for positioning a wide range of baskets and containers. Lift heights of 36″ to 43″ are available. Loads can be tilted to any angle from 0? to 30?. Lift and Tilt functions are controlled independently and are achieved by the use of heavy-duty air bags.

Weight 1690 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 56 × 48 × 19 in

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