Presto Lifts M366 Manual Stacker – 32″W x 30″L Platform Lifts 1,000 lb.


This Presto Lifts manual stacker features a 32″W x 30″L platform and has a raised height of 66″. It has a load capacity is up to 1,000 lbs.

T.P. Supply Company, Inc. has a variety of material handling solutions to simplify your storage and transport operations. The Presto Lifts Manual Lift Stacker M366 increases safety and improves worker productivity by offering the ability to handle all types of heavy materials. Easily managed by a single operator, this stacker is ideal for lifting loads and moving materials from place to place within warehouses.

Presto Lifts Stacker Product Details

The Presto Lifts M366 is a manual stacker with a raised height of 66 inches and a load capacity of 1,000 pounds. If you’re stacking materials or moving smaller pieces of equipment through a facility, this stacker offers smooth, reliable performance. 

This Presto Lifts product is also a manual stacker, with a platform measuring 32 by 30 inches that you can move up and down with the help of a foot pump. This feature makes it easy to load equipment on and off of pallets without needing several workers for the job at one time. The stacker’s strength and maneuverability give it an advantage in smaller and larger facilities alike.

Why Buy Presto Lifts Manual Stackers?

The main benefit of our manual foot pump stacker is its combination of a 1,000-pound capacity with a compact design. Because it offers a greater lifting capability in a smaller package, it can move through narrow halls and doorways with ease. 

The Presto Lifts stacker is ideal for small- to medium-duty material handling applications. T.P. Supply Company also provides a five-year limited warranty for Presto Lifts stackers to help you save money on repairs or replacements if an issue arises.

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Weight 370 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 44 × 33 × 80 in


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