Presto Lifts Electric Scissor Lift Table


An electric hydraulic scissor lift table transports materials without increasing the workload. Workers can save human resources by using a hydraulic lifter, which makes their job easier, and anyone can operate the lift table to improve work speed and cut production time.

At T.P. Supply Company, Inc., we have a few electric scissor lift tables available with varying capacities, platform sizes and travel specifications.

Uses and Benefits

Lift and lower loads up to 1,000 pounds for storage and shipment. The handheld controller makes it simple to operate and reduces the need to bend and stretch to put away shipments or transport loads. The flat-top makes the product accessible from all sides. This model is also compact, so it can be easily transported and used in multiple areas.

Instead of manually moving loads or using a forklift, you can trust an industrial electric scissor lift table to get the job done. Forklifts require certification, and with a table lift, you can manually unload, load and operate without a license.

Features of Our Industrial Electric Scissor Lift Tables

The main features include:

  • 1/3 horsepower internal electric motor
  • Hand-control pendant
  • Easy access to cylinders
  • Powered up and down lifts
  • A 1,000-pound capacity

Purchase an electric scissor lift table from T.P. Supply Company, Inc. and receive quality customer service and products.

Electric Scissor Lift Table for Sale From T.P. Supply Company, Inc.

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Weight 425 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 60 × 48 × 5 in

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