Presto Lifts LiftStikåª Standard Transporter Powered 22″ W x 23 å_” L Raised Height 52″ 445 Lbs. Capacity


Raised Height: 52″ Low Height: 4 1/8″ Lift Speed: 22 Seconds On Borad Charger: 115 V Power Unit: 24 V

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There’s never been a more versatile lifter/transporter than the Lift Stik series from Presto. With capacities ranging from 185 lbs to over 400 lbs, there’s almost nothing these sleek, user-friendly machines can’t do. A continuous lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops. It also allows for precise load positioning with zero drift. And, because it’s mechanical, there’s no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks so the Lift Stik is suited for a wide range of light industrial, laboratory and even office applications. The narrow mast design allows operators a clear view of where they are travelling. Two fixed and two swivel casters give LiftStik exceptional maneuverability even in congested areas. Rear wheels are equipped with toe guards and foot-operated floor locks.

Weight 190 lbs

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