Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Table XLT36-20 XLT Series – 2000 Lbs. Capacity

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Control your hydraulic scissor lift’s height and tilt separately with standard dual hand and foot pedal controls for applications with unique loading requirements.

Hydraulic scissor lifts have rugged steel bases, platforms and scissor legs operated by a hydraulic cylinder and motor. The Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Table XLT 36-20 gives you enhanced control over the platform’s position compared to other lift tables for increased comfort and versatility.

The Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table XLT 36-20 is ideal for material handling and manufacturing projects that require operators to work at various heights and tilt angles. This model is also suitable for other jobs that involve frequent and varied loading and unloading of materials.

The Presto Lift Tilt Table XLT 36-20 comes with a standard base measuring 24 inches by 48 inches and a 50-inch-by-50-inch maximum platform. Other specs for this model include its 2000-pound loading capacity, 30-degree or 45-degree tilt angle, 30-second lifting speed and 15-second tilting speed with 1 horsepower for both tilting and lifting. The XLT Series also includes 60-degree and 89-degree models.

At T.P. Supply, all Presto Lifts hydraulic scissor lifts and tilt tables come with a five-year warranty.

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Weight 1100 lbs

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