Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift & Tilt Table X4WT36-20 X4WT Series – 2000 Lbs. Capacity

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Presto Lifts Hydraulic Scissor Lift and Tilt Tables from the X4WT Series assist operators with independent table height and tilt adjustments. These separate movements promote operator comfort by preventing excessive bending and reaching during use. What’s more, these hydraulic scissor lifts accommodate large materials that require frequent loading and unloading with additional side support. These capabilities make this equipment ideal for warehousing, transportation and retail material handling applications.

The Presto Lift Table X4WT 36-20 has a 48-inch-by-48-inch base and maximum platform measuring 72 inches by 60 inches. The table reaches a raised height of 47 1/2 inches and has a lowered height of just 11 1/2 inches.

The X4WT offers a 42-second lifting speed and 8-second tilting speed. When using these functions, consider each load’s length, height and center of gravity to determine how much it will move during lifting and tilting. The X4WT 36-20 Presto scissor lift and tilt table has a 2,000-pound capacity supporting loads at 30-degree and 45-degree tilt angles.

Beyond its standard pedestal, the X4WT 36-20 is compatible with optional dual hand and foot controls. These additions include NEMA 1 foot controls with safety covers and 10-foot cords, NEMA 1 wall-mount push buttons, NEMA 4 hand controls and NEMA 4 foot controls.

Our Presto Lifts hydraulic scissor lift tables have a five-year warranty.

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