A hydraulic scissor lift table allows you to move objects safely. Sitting at 3/8-inch tall when fully lowered, this table can be filled by hand or loaded by a pallet truck. Trust its uniquely flat and compact structure to help you transport shipments and inventory.

Increase Productivity and Safety

Lift tables are ideal for areas where there is no forklift or stacker available. Workers can operate this lift without a forklift-certified member present so they can work at their own pace. Minimize bending and stretching with adjustable heights and increase productivity. Plus, you can store pallets at multiple heights and move up to 4,000 pounds with ease.

This product is ideal for multiple uses and different materials. Suitable for use with pallets, the scissor lift table’s floor-level height makes it easy to load and unload, saving time and effort. The ramp and tabletop surface make the load easy to distribute and access.

Scissor Lift Table Specifications

Each scissor lift has various features. This model:

  • Extends to 35 inches in 44 seconds.
  • Operates by a handheld remote or foot press.
  • Includes a flexible yellow toe guard.
  • Works with a moveable 1 horsepower 115/1/60 external power unit.
  • Is covered by a five-year warranty.

Improve your productivity and workflow with the Presto Lifts hydraulic scissor lift table.

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Weight 1425 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 59 × 67 × 3 in

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