Penco Double Rivet 4 Shelf Starter – 36″D x 72″W x 84″H w/o Center Support


When you need to store supplies, products and other objects, you can count on these shelves from Penco. Choose between single and double rivet units to meet your storage requirements like maximum weight capacity and stability. The double rivet features two rivets for increased weight capacity, so it is ideal for big, heavy items or large quantities of smaller items like wholesale goods. Organize and store whatever you need to — this shelving can handle the weight.

At T.P. Supply Co., we have the equipment you need to keep your workspace organized and safe. The Penco Double Rivet 4 Shelf Starter offers dependable storage for your heavy goods. 

Reliable Storage With Double Rivet Shelving

The double rivet shelving measures 7 feet high, 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Despite its size, you can install the Penco shelf starter without using special tools or spending a significant amount of time on the setup. 

Create rows of cost-efficient storage by connecting RivetRite add-ons to this starter shelf. The add-ons come with tee posts you install between shelves, which cut down on cost, the parts you need and the time it takes to install your shelving units. Save valuable resources by starting and ending each row with a pair of angled posts included in the starter kit. 

Penco’s Double Rivet 4 Shelf Starter offers several customizable features aside from weight capacity as well:

  • Choose from different beam options to get the proper reinforcements for your storage needs. Steel beams support and stabilize the starter unit. 
  • All steel components have a 723 Light Putty baked enamel finish that is available in 24 different colors.
  • Select which type of decking will work best for your storage requirements. Some options include particleboard, steel and wire decking. 

Penco Shelving From T.P. Supply Co.

Shelving is a great way to store industrial and retail items, even heavy objects or large qualities of wholesale goods. Get started with your new storage solutions by ordering your Penco Double Rivet 4 Shelf Starter today, or contact T.P. Supply Co. for more information about bulk pricing. Fill out our online form or call 877-302-2337.

Weight 83.2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 72 × 36 × 84 in

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